fauxglowWe all know the dangers that the sun poses to our skin, and as much as I, myself, love a real tan, it’s just the wiser alternative to turn to the many fabulous self-tanning products out there today. Whether you are too busy to escape on a vacation, or you are self-tanning to consciously avoid UV having contact with your skin, when used properly these products help us mimic the beautiful color we’d get had we spent our last weekend on the beach.

Below, are some pertinent do’s and don’ts when it comes to achieving a faux glow!


DO exfoliate 24 hours prior to application! Be especially aware of your knees and elbows.

DO picks a self-tanner that is suitable for your skin tone. Most will say on the packaging for LIGHT/MEDIUM skin, and for MEDIUM/DARK skin.

DO start at your face and neck, being mindful to apply to your ears also! Use light upward strokes on your face and neck.

DO blend it out lightly on thinner skinned areas, such as hands, feet, face and throat. Thinner skin needs less product!

DO moisturize daily after self-tanning to ensure your tan lasts longer.


DON’T shave the day after you’ve applied your self-tanner.

DON’T over rub the self-tanner when applying.

DON’T exercise for 24 hours.

Remember, if you aren’t comfortable with self-tanners, try a gradual tanner like Jergens Natural Glow. Used daily like a moisturizer, it safely helps build a natural-looking color. A daily reapplication will help you easily achieve a faux glow with no faux pas!

 Do you have any self-tanning faux pas experiences?