Hi, everybody! Hope you’re making it through the week! Mine has been a busy one so far! As you saw before, I will be reviewing Lauren B. Beauty‘s ‘The Chateau’. I was very excited for them to so graciously send me this to swatch. I have always been pleased with the quality of polishes from this upstanding, earth-friendly company in Beverly Hills! All of their polishes are vegan, eco-friendly, and not tested on animals! All of their products are proudly made in USA, too 🙂

First, as you can see at the picture above, it is a beautiful, dark color for fall. It reminds me of a nice red wine! I used 2 coats of the Lauren B. Beauty ‘The Chateau’, and topped it off with Wet Paint ‘Top Coat Glaze’, another favorite of mine. Sorry you can see my cell phone reflection. Just shows how mirror-like the top coat is! 😉 What I really liked about ‘The Chateau’ is that it was very shiny even prior to the top coat addition. I do like using it anyway though because it will help prolong the color. Lauren B. Beauty does a great job at making long-lasting polishes, as it is, however!

While the prices are a little high, the colors are extraordinary and named after places in California, which is kind of neat! I really enjoy the selection and the fact that they hold out so well. I think I’m going to buy one of their nail care products soon since I love their polishes so much! Browse through it all here! Have a great Thursday, it’s almost the weekend!




I hope you’ve all been well since my last post! So after a hectic and full summer with welcoming a beautiful nephew and becoming an aunt, I am thrilled to get back to posting and writing new blogs for my followers! Halloween is right around the corner. Is everyone ready? Do you have some of your own Halloween nail art  or  a costume picked out for a party? If you do, send it to Lashes and Lacquer at LashesandLacquer@gmail.com, or use the Contact button at the top at and I will feature it in a later post! I tried a simple black and orange with plastic wrap and gold glitter for my first try for a design, but I hope to post another before Halloween comes! Alright, let’s get started with the steps! Be mindful I am still not well, so my skills are not as they used to be yet.  I hope you will still stick around in the process!

Step 1

You’ll want to prep with something around your nails, like Vaseline with a Q-Tip, to prevent polish cleanup .It didn’t work entirely as like I hoped, so I had to use acetone afterwards, but it helped.

Step 3



For Step 3, I used 2 coats of 3-free Lauren B. Beauty‘s ‘PAPARAZZI‘ which I love (goes on so smoothly and actually lasts).I I have been using that brand for about a year now! Kind of reminds me of how leather looks! What do you think? I love it! It’s my favorite black polish.

Step 4


Step 4 is painting orange polish. I chose China GlazePool Party‘. You have to be quick because immediately after, you have to use a crinkled piece/ball of plastic wrap to quickly and gently dab over the nails with that polish.

Almost Done!  I went over that with 2 layers of China Glaze ‘Counting Carats’. Finish with your favorite top coat and  you are good to go. I recommend also using Gelish Nourish, as well, to maintain your cuticles. Well! I see you next time, and remember to send me your Halloween nail or makeup looks! I always want ideas for posts you’d like to see, too!



UPDATE:  I was able to get the post up again with the photos showing, so it should be good! Let me know if there are still any difficulties. And while you’re at it, add Lashes and Lacquer to your home screen on your phone for a quick way to get here. Thanks for being patient (although, I’m, not sure how long it’s been down!)! 

UPDATE:  Everything appears okay… for now! We’ll see what tomorrow brings!