As of late, my typically combination skin has had a few dry spot patches pop up, namely beside each side of my mouth. I would suspect it’s because it’s been windy and chilly here in the northeast lately, especially during my morning walks, and I don’t have the humidity I got accustomed to, which usually makes me oily anyway! Luckily my mom, who went to Save Mart the other day (A local drugstore. I am not sure if they’re anywhere else) bought L’Oréal Hydra- Renewal, and let me use it. I’m so glad she did! It has a light, yet creamy texture and isn’t heavy, so it isn’t clogging pores, which I’m also concerned about! I figured a few readers might also be! I also would like to note that it has B5 which keeps your skin moisturized all day. And it really does!

It wasn’t greasy and stayed soft. I was able to continue feeling the results until I washed my face that evening, which impressive to me because usually I start feeling the patchiness or it shows through my makeup. Give it a try if you need that boost of moisture!  You don’t need to be a sensitive skin type for results with this. It retails typically for $7. 99, and isn’t a bad investment for your face! Let me know if you’ve tried it, or what works for your dry skin!