Well October flew by! I’m finally working on a Lashes and Lacquer Instagram page! You can go here if you’d like to follow, and I will follow back ūüôā I will keep adding to it today and hopefully get all of the pictures from the blog uploaded soon. I plan to have a new blog post today, so keep an eye out on here! How was your Halloween? I hope you had a great one and ate lots of candy and watched scary movies!

I did that, as well, and¬†I finally signed up for Ipsy! I hear Urban Decay is in the Glambag this month, so I am super excited. I hesitated for several months and always ended up on the checkout page, until yesterday, I thought “What the heck, it’s only $10 a month.” The shipping is FREE and you can cancel anytime. Plus, the points you add up can be redeemed for products on their site. The discount for ipsy members to purchase single brand items or ipsy items is deeply discounted, so I’m definitely looking forward to that. Don’t wait like I did, join today! You can here. Let me know if you do! Remember, you can cancel anytime! Have a great Sunday!




'In a Cable-Car Pool'

‘In The Cable-Car Pool Lane’

Let me start off by saying: I LOVE this color. It’s OPI ‘In The Cable-Car Pool Lane’ from their San Francisco Collection. I always have loved OPI and I’m so glad I found this shade when I was working at Sally’s because it was perfect to match with my shoes in my brother’s¬†wedding. Now, the OPI site classifies it as a purple shade and even shows a purple nail polish that looks NOTHING like it in my opinion, but my bottle is not even questionable :¬†it’s a burgundy. In fact, most sites I’ve visited show an entirely different polish they make.¬†It does look different in different lighting, but that’s it. I would like to note my nails do look a bit darker than these photos, but still a gorgeous autumn shade!

Although I bought this for a spring wedding to match my bridesmaid outfit’s shoes, it’s a nice transition into fall with the darker color! It applied very smoothly. You have to do it evenly, though, with lighter strokes and thin layers since it is a darker color. I found that worked best for an even finish with no streaking. My final review is, spending the money on this is definitely worth the value. OPI never disappoints with chipping or fading. It lasts a really good¬†amount of time and stays as vibrant as when you polished it on your nails.

 'Counting Carats'

‘Counting Carats’

I decided to add gold glitter polish working from the bottom of the nail going up, and then lightening the stroke as I worked my way to the top. Using it as an accent nail or the tips would look great, too! I used China Glaze ‘Counting Carats’. As always, finish with your favorite top coat! I used Wet Paint Top Coat Glaze (You can see past swatches of Wet Paint from a previous post here!). I love all of the Wet Paint Nails polish that I’ve tried so far. The top coat glaze makes my polish last exceptionally long and keeps the colors bright, shiny, and resistant to chips. I also found it made my nails feel better/healthier while wearing it. If you want to head over to their site and take a look at the vast colors, please do! They also have nail treatments, and a REALLY fun ‘Try It On’ where you can virtually mix and match bases, glazes, and special effects polishes. I hope you enjoy this look as much as I had fun doing it! It’s a more basic, — yet beautiful and glamorous in the end– approach to nail art, and you can do a lot with glitter polish. Any suggestions for my next post, or what kind of nail designs you’d like to see?



Are you going to give this a try? It can be done with any color scheme! What are you currently wearing? I’d love to hear! TGIF!


PS: If you guys are looking for products to try yourself and then later review on your Facebook, etc., or even in my comments (so I can gather them and put you in a future post!), I found this site called Smiley360 on ProductReviewMom when I was just searching around the Internet. I think I’ll give it a try¬†and let you know how it goes!




New nail post today — 1 more if I get the time once I am home! For now, I am showing you the gorgeous ‘Step Up!’ by Venique. It’s a beautiful, bright orange, and I feel it’s perfect for this time of year to wear alone, or use with your Halloween nail art. It’s very vibrant. I want to mention that it looks bright in the bottle and as soon as you polish your nails. It does, however, dry matte. If you want a matte finish, just leave as is and use a matte topcoat to keep it (because you need a topcoat!:). With the use of clear topcoat, I was able to achieve that shiny vibrant orange I saw in the bottle. Definitely a 5 star polish. Venique was lovely enough to send me this several months ago and I am now getting to it! So Venique, if you see this post, I’m sorry! I love your polishes! ūüôā Go take a look at¬†their amazing, quality¬†nail lacquers here ūüôā



I’m a little busy going away today to babysit my nephew, but I will hopefully have one more up later! Enjoy your Humpday everyone! It’s ugly and rainy here. Only 3 days until Halloween ūüéÉ Do you have any nail art done? Comment your blog link!




As of late, my typically combination skin has had a few dry spot patches pop up, namely beside each side of my mouth. I would suspect it’s because it’s been windy and chilly here in the northeast lately, especially during my morning walks, and I don’t have the humidity I got accustomed to, which usually makes me oily anyway! Luckily my mom, who went to Save Mart the other day (A local drugstore. I am not sure if they’re anywhere else) bought L’Or√©al Hydra- Renewal, and let me use it. I’m so glad she did! It has a light, yet creamy texture and isn’t heavy, so it isn’t clogging pores, which I’m also concerned about! I figured a few readers might also be! I also would like to note that it has B5 which keeps your skin moisturized all day. And it really does!

It wasn’t greasy and stayed soft. I was able to continue feeling the results until I washed my face that evening, which impressive to me because usually I start feeling the patchiness or it shows through my makeup. Give it a try if you need that boost of moisture! ¬†You don’t need to be a sensitive skin type for results with this. It retails typically for $7. 99, and isn’t a bad investment for your face! Let me know if you’ve tried it, or what works for your dry skin!





¬†TANWISE SELF-TANNING FACE GEL Last night I went to use my tried and true favorite: Tanwise Self Tanning Face Gel from Sally Beauty Supply. I applied it with light strokes as directed and I also used a makeup sponge. Be sure to exfoliate before doing so! I let it dry for about 7 minutes , as well as using it in place of my moisturizer instead. If you’re looking for a deep tan, use this daily . I will say in advance: lesson be learned, wash your hands¬†THOROUGHLY once finished. Read the bottle! . Once you’ve reached your desired color, you can use it 3 days a week to maintain the color. As always with this product, I was satisfied and woke up with great results! It wasn’t overdone or too light. A perfect bronze again from using this without the orange tint you can so often get from other products sometimes.¬†Again, I will reiterate, always, always, wash your hands afterwards and make sure to get any water/cleanser off that runs down your arms while doing so. I’m messy when I wash my face and usually have a lot of water left on the counter¬†so I ne frequently! ed to do this:)

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† So I went to wash my face as I usually do with no problem and all is well. Until later that day… It happens. I ¬†Iook down and see a brown patch right above my left wrist! Self-tanning disasters, I think, are¬†always a thought in your head when you use¬†them since the whole world will end up seeing the end result. Usually I worry when it’s it on my face. Especially the orange atrocity I could potentially create overnight. (“Ew.¬†How’d that happen¬†to¬†her? She has her esthetician license. Doesn’t she know how beauty¬†products work? LOL.)¬†¬†While washing my face last night , there ¬†was a run off that I must I m I must have missed while¬†washing my arm . So I mixed some baking soda and water to form a paste and scrubbed it. Baking soda has so many uses and is found in a lot of products like toothpaste, kitty litter, cleaning products, lightening products (bingo!) and a ridiculous amount of of other helpful solutions. You can find a list of only here what seems like a handful compared to all of the possibilities. ¬†I’ve find a lot of DIY ideas around the house, so this one came to mind fairly easily. I have an idea for an upcoming blog post, so I will keep you all updated! Enjoy your Sunday!

Baking Soda

Baking Soda

I guess this post is a DIY too! So next time you have a stain on your skin from a self-tanning misadventure, or a whole lot of other things that need solved easily, give the baking soda paste a try by simply mixing it with water and you are ready to tackle it. Now that’s an easy Sunday DIY for you! I’m sure you have it in your cabinet already! What are some ways you get rid of unwanted tanning mistakes, or any other tips you’d like to share? I’d love to hear them so I can¬†add them to a later post!There are literally a ton of possibilities for it for solve mishaps or around the house solutions! I have some ideas for a future post¬†and I’ll keep you updated ūüôā Enjoy your Sunday!


PS: Fixing the blurry pic at the top. Odd?


FINALLY UP! That took forever! Feel free to enjoy yesterday’s post!

oopsOkay, so my blog’s photos aren’t loading on mobile sites now! Well, not all off it anyway. You should be okay on desktop, but email me or use contact form if you aren’t able to or have any other problems. ¬†I’m going to work on this today! Hope to be up soon!


UPDDATE: Down again! Editing again! 


I hope you’ve all¬†been well since my last post!¬†So after a hectic and full summer with welcoming¬†a beautiful nephew and becoming an aunt, I am thrilled to get back to posting and writing new blogs for my followers! Halloween is right around the corner. Is everyone ready? Do you have some of your own Halloween nail art ¬†or ¬†a costume picked out for a party? If you do, send it to Lashes and Lacquer at LashesandLacquer@gmail.com, or use the Contact button at the top at and I will feature it in a later post! I tried a simple black and orange with plastic wrap and gold glitter for my first try for a design, but I hope to post another before Halloween comes! Alright, let’s get started with the steps! Be mindful I am still not well, so my skills are not as they used to be yet. ¬†I hope you will still stick around in the process!

Step 1

You’ll want to prep with something around your nails, like Vaseline with a Q-Tip, to prevent polish cleanup .It¬†didn’t work entirely as like I hoped, so I had to use acetone afterwards, but it helped.

Step 3



For Step 3, I used 2 coats of 3-free Lauren B. Beauty‘s ‘PAPARAZZI‘ which I love (goes on so smoothly and actually lasts).I I¬†have been using that brand for about a year now! Kind of reminds me of how leather looks! What do you think? I love it! It’s my favorite black polish.

Step 4


Step 4 is painting orange polish. I chose China GlazePool Party‘. You have to be quick because immediately after, you have to use a crinkled piece/ball of plastic wrap to quickly and gently dab over the nails with that polish.

Almost Done! ¬†I went over that with 2 layers of China Glaze ‘Counting Carats’. Finish with your favorite top coat and ¬†you are good to go. I recommend also using Gelish Nourish, as well, to maintain your cuticles. Well! I¬†see you next time, and remember to send me your Halloween nail or makeup looks! I always want ideas for posts you’d like to see, too!



UPDATE:¬† I was able to get the post up again with the photos showing, so it should be good! Let me know if there are still any¬†difficulties. And while you’re at it, add Lashes and Lacquer to your home screen on your phone for a quick way to get here. Thanks for being patient (although, I’m, not sure how long it’s been down!)!¬†

UPDATE: ¬†Everything appears okay… for now! We’ll see what tomorrow brings!