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So my latest blog is up and running! You can find it at Makeup Etc.. I hope you’ll join me on my latest journey and tell your friends, too! It’s still in its beginning stage, so I don’t have a lot of content on it, yet, but I will be writing this week and sharing for you all to see. I am so happy to be starting not only 1, but 2, new phases in my life – Makeup Etc., and representing AVON. 2016 is shaping up nicely! I’d like to make the transition to Makeup Etc. as smoothly as possible, so follow me over there and see what new things I have in store for you. It will still include all of what you’ve come to love here at Lashes and Lacquer – skincare, makeup, nails, DIY, and product reviews. Makeup Etc. will have more of what you love.

Thank you, my lovely Lashes and Lacquer fans!




Good morning, lovies! You will never know how much I appreciate all of you following Lashes and Lacquer and reading about the products I’ve been trying and love. During my recent hiatus, I’ve started selling AVON ( and absolutely love it. But what I really want to share with you is that I am creating a new beauty blog for all of you to enjoy and I hope you will follow me there onto the next chapter! I have yet to decide on a name for the new blog, but once I do, I will post an update on here so you can join me! Until then, you can always refer to my past posts, some of which will be included in the new venture. Here’s to the next chapter!



FINALLY UP! That took forever! Feel free to enjoy yesterday’s post!

oopsOkay, so my blog’s photos aren’t loading on mobile sites now! Well, not all off it anyway. You should be okay on desktop, but email me or use contact form if you aren’t able to or have any other problems.  I’m going to work on this today! Hope to be up soon!


UPDDATE: Down again! Editing again! 


It’s snowy and cold on this Sunday in the Northeast, so I figured I might as well wash my brushes today! Washing your brushes weekly is a necessary step in prolonging them and cleaning off makeup, while ridding them of acne-causing bacteria. Your brushes are your tools in creating beautiful looks and they’re an investment you want to last! Here’s an oldie post, but certainly a goodie, to guide you through the process!



2014-11-21 17.51.16

Brushes make all the difference to a makeup user’s finished masterpiece. Whether you are an aficionado, or a novice, your brushes are a valuable investment! Brush bristles are the perfect medium for trapping oil, dirt, and bacteria. Thoroughly cleansing your brushes can prevent breakout-causing buildup, while also making your investment last longer! If you’ve bought expensive brushes like I have, you can appreciate this!

I clean all of mine once a week and I use Sephora Purifying Brush Shampoo, but whenever I’m out of that, I use a simple, inexpensive shampoo (just 1 ingredient!) that still does the trick just as well (I’ll explain that, too). My go-to set of brushes takes about 1-2 days to dry, so I recommend having a backup set of brushes. My second set of brushes is from e.l.f. makeup. Their professional line is VERY high quality, and best of all, affordable!

1. Run brush…

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Hey beauties! I apologize for the lack of posting the last few days. I just started at Sally Beauty this week (yay!) and have been quite busy with that. Today in the mail I received my order from e.l.f. and I will go in depth tomorrow with a post of what I got, as well as review the products. Again, I am sorry this post is short! Have a great night and I’ll be back on here tomorrow!

Also, watch for a post this weekend showcasing the lovely Chloe & Bella polishes I received in the mail today to swatch!